Its boring to go into the gym

Its boring to go into the gym, do dribbling drills, shoot and have to get your own rebound just so you can go get another shot up. Nobody's in the crowd to cheer you on, nor to motivate you, it's just simply a will that you have inside that makes you find some kind of enjoyment out of putting in countless hours hard work in now, in effort to achieve a greatness later, that's not even guaranteed! That's a special kind of dedication. That dedication and results on the court is why Claymont's Bailey Eddleman is this weeks athlete of the week.
16-Feb-2019 16-Feb-2019

To Achieve Greatness

To achieve greatness it not only takes a certain level of physical ability but there is a definite mental discipline and most importantly a confidence that drives great athletes. New Philadelphia 2016 graduate Daniel Boron has those unique qualities and has goals of getting to the Olympics in Taekwondo.
07-Feb-2019 07-Feb-2019
25-Jan-2019 25-Jan-2019

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Hard Work Pays Off For Gadd

What makes a coach special is when it's obvious that he or she has a positive effect affect on the student athlete that reaches outside the boundary of the playing surface. And when that is achieved that's when the kids run through the proverbial "brick wall" for them.

The Myth and Misconceptions of AAU

There was a time when AAU had a purpose and its purpose was genuine, that time has long passed us by. It's not oil that greases the AAU wheels, it's cold hard cash!

Football Season in Tuscarawas County Officially Begins

Football season in Tuscarawas County officially begins with the Times Reporter All Star Football Game. It's mood setter for Friday nights in the fall, and scratches that football itch fans get after the NFL draft. It is all so the last time some of the area's best will ever put on the pads again. Some will go play football at the next level and some have put other goals at a bigger priority for their future, it is especially meaningful for them.