END OF AN ERA...Strasburg's tremendous twosome

For Strasburg fans this was their reality for the last 4 years as Mike and Mitch Neidenthal fired at pins, scorched nets, and put bat-to-ball at a high rate of success throughout their High School tenure. 

Mike, who admitted basketball was his favorite sport to play, and that his most memorable moment individually would be getting Player of the Year his senior year in basketball. Mike also finished as Strasburg's all time assist leader.

Mitch did not have a favorite he said he looked forward to playing all sports and didn't look forward to any season more than he did any other. And his most memorable moment was achieving 6 all Ohio awards in multiple sports. Amongst Mitch's numerous sports achievements, I would say shooting ridiculous 6-under 66 at the Quarry in Canton, definitely jumps off the page.

It's hard enough to shuffle the responsibilities of sports and the necessary academic requirements just to be average student or athlete, but to do them both at a high level definitely takes some dedication and mental toughness. Both agreed that at times it was tough to juggle them, but for the most part agreed it wasn't much of an issue. They gave credit to teachers, and good study friends that made it manageable.

Watching them the last four years in golf, basketball, and baseball it was interesting how well they played off of each other especially on the basketball court. Several coach commented in post-game interviews on just the cohesiveness that they play with.

If there was any type of sibling rivalry you would never know it, they are each other's biggest supporters. It speaks to the character of the Niedenthal twins, for as good as they are in the classroom and in the sporting venues they are equally that good of people. It's part of the reason why all the teams they played on were so successful. When you have team leaders who consistently lead by example, the domino effect is tremendous, its breeds winning!

Mike's favorite team moment was winning against Hiland that tied them for the conference lead, and then winning the IVC that year in basketball. Mitch's was making it to the state tournament in golf, and made mention of how special it was to have the team there with him.

Their individual accolades are well-documented, and they range from All-Conference to All-Ohio, both academically and athletically. Both consistently hit over 300 in baseball, scored in the high teens on the court routinely, and boasted a single-digit handicap on the golf course.

Both will further their education at the Kent Branch here in New Philadelphia and then plan on transferring after a year to Ohio State. They are unsure if they will play sports and/or which ones they will play if they decide.


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