In Praise of Dan Gilbert.


February 8th, 2020

Dan Gilbert and Koby Altman have done it again.

Just when you thought the Cavs were going to go into that quiet night and put an end to a challenging
season they pull off a move that once again puts the Cavs in a position to get back into the playoffs-
sooner rather than later.
Enter Andre Drummond, the 6’10 26 year-old 2x All-Star to the Cavaliers. This is why I love Dan Gilbert
and you should too. He’s not afraid of making the big move. Yes, there is a lot to criticize Gilbert for. The
comic-sans letter to Lebron, getting too involved with management decisions of the franchise, letting
David Griffin go, the Kyrie trade.
But take all of Gilbert’s negatives and compare them to what he’s done as owner of the Cleveland
- Sucked up his pride and brought Lebron back to Cleveland
- The years Lebron was here Gilbert went above the luxury tax ensuring the Cavaliers had the best
chance to win a title.
-Win a title they did delivering the first championship to Cleveland in 52 years.
Isn’t this what we want out of an owner? A willingness to open his pocketbook and make moves to put
the franchise in the best position to win. There is a certain aggressiveness that is admirable in Gilbert
especially considering who’s down the road (looking at you Paul Dolan).


It’s not just getting Drummond, one of the most dominant big men in the game and the leading
rebounder in the NBA. It’s the fact that the Cavs gave up NOTHING to get the all-star. John Henson,
Brandon Knight and a 2 nd round pick in 2023 is all it took to land the 26 year-old big man. I’m sure some
Cavs fans were unaware that Brandon Knight was on the team but thank god the Pistons noticed.
Some skeptics like my co-host on Big Time Sports Today Joe Dunn believe this trade won’t help the Cavs
at all. They argue that the NBA has changed and the era of the dominant center like Hakeem Olajuwon,
David Robinson and Shaquille O’Neal. The Houston Rockets certainly believe so as they shipped Clint
Capela to the Atlanta Hawks in a four team trade that landed them Robert Covington-a SF who’s shot
making ability and defense around the perimeter better suits the modern NBA.


But this was a chance worth taking because the Cavaliers put themselves in the position to offer
Drummond the most money this off-season or if he desires to go elsewhere combine a sign and trade
option with another team to acquire more assets.
What Drummond offers the Cavaliers immediately is a dynamic post player who can allow Kevin Love to
hang around the perimeter in his stretch 4 ability to open the court up for slashers like Collins and Porter
Jr. As both Collins and Garland learn to be better perimeter defenders they now have some help
underneath with Drummond patrolling the rim against any driving guards (he’s averaging 1.7 bpg 7 th in
the NBA.)
Will this work? I’m not close enough to being a basketball savant to know. What I can tell you is I’m
thankful Dan Gilbert is owner of the Cavs. You should be too.



08-Feb-2020 08-Feb-2020

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