The New Philadelphia Lady Quakers validated their #3 Division II

The New Philadelphia Lady Quakers validated their #3 Division II ranking with a 62-55 victory over Magnificat last Monday. That was the Lady Quakers' third win against a Division I opponent on a neutral floor this season.

The Red and Black are 16-0 and enjoy a 40.9 margin of Victory against Eastern Central Ohio Conference opponents. They also brought back seven players from last year's final four team giving them a ton of depth and experience heading into the postseason this year.

First year head coach Kevin Cornell has made the transition smoothly from coaching boys last year to coaching the girls this year and raves about the fact that anybody in his starting lineup can lead the team in scoring on a given night. All five starters have scored at least 15 points in a game this year, making them awfully tough to defend.
Aaliyah Currence (the schools all-time leading scorer), Sarah Stoneman, Rachel Anderson, and Kate McEwan make up a strong senior class and all have played varsity since their freshman year.
To complement the senior class they also have a strong junior class (Julia Ress, Josie Pry, Paige Kaiser) and get contributions from sophomores and freshmen making New Philadelphia not only formidable this year but in the years to come as well.

Cornell is confident that the final four run from last year and a tough out of Conference schedule this year will bode well for them come tournament time and expects a deep run. The Quakers have five regular-season games left before they will start tournament play.


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